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Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane, QLD, AU. A welcoming church open to all including our LGBTQI brothers and sisters.


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At MCC Brisbane we are a diverse bunch of people. People from every background, income level, race, color and creed.We don’t all believe the same thing and that’s a good thing! How boring would church be if we all believed the same thing. Nevertheless, in our diversity we are all united by one thing. Jesus. With all our different beliefs, personalities, challenges and strengths we gather around the light of Jesus and worship as one people 


Our worship tries to reflect our diversity and as such we sing a wide variety of songs. From contemporary Christian to classic hymns and everything in between. We pray, we listen to a sermon, we listen to the reading of scripture. Communion is open to all and we really mean all. We hope our worship brings you closer to God and nourishes your soul for the week ahead.

Our History 
MCC Brisbane is part of a wider movement of Christians who are passionate about inclusion. MCC was started in the living room of a man called Troy Perry in 1968 in Los Angeles. He started MCC on a simple principle. God’s love and a relationship with Jesus should be open to all and especially those from the LBGTI community who have known so much rejection. MCC Brisbane was started more than 40 years ago and we pray that you will be another page in the history of God’s plan for our church. 

Our Pastor Alex Pittaway

Our Pastor Alex Pittaway