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Metropolitan Community Church Brisbane, QLD, AU. A welcoming church open to all including our LGBTQI brothers and sisters.


What if God’s love and grace extended to all people? What if there was a church where all truly means ALL when we say all are welcome? What if there was a church that tried to put judgmentalism at the door and poured never ending love out on every single person who walked through? That’s the kind of church we are striving for at MCC Brisbane and we don’t always get there, but we believe it’s that kind of church which can transform your life.

At MCC Brisbane we believe that God’s plan to change your life happens when you meet Jesus for the first time. Most people at our church have had Jesus meet them at the lowest point in their life, where they faced and became spiritual refugees. And then they found MCC Brisbane.  It doesn’t matter whether you find yourself hanging on by a thread or whether your striding through life full of blessing, God has a plan to transform you and turn your life around when you meet Jesus.

Meeting Jesus means acknowledging what Jesus did to save us on the cross. Human beings have such a capacity to destroy ourselves and to destroy each other. One word I like to use to describe that is sin. Meeting Jesus means coming to terms with and accepting forgiveness for all the ways we have destroyed ourselves and others. Meeting Jesus means working through our sin and finding freedom.

We believe at MCC Brisbane that God’s plan for us is to find freedom. Find freedom from judgmental churches, finding freedom from homophobia, finding freedom from racism, sexism and all the other ism’s that have put up walls instead of building bridges to God’s love.

God has a plan to transform us and the world by giving us freedom. This freedom transforms the world because it is infectious. We can’t keep it to ourselves and thus we are compelled to transform the world to right the wrongs, to stand up for social justice and model what it looks like to show God’s love in public.

Will you join us? A motley crew of spiritual refugees striving to let God transform our hearts and transform the world. God has a plan for your life and it is exciting and we’re glad that you’re here with us!